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        Analysis of the load bearing problem of the flower plate of a single bag filter

        Release time:2019-11-20Access:Author:

        In addition to the weight of the filter bag and the bag cage, the stand-alone bag filter must also bear the pressure of the gas in the filter, so it must have sufficient rigidity. If it is slightly modified, it may affect the sealing effect between the filter bag and the hole of the flower plate.

        The thickness of the steel plate of the flower plate is generally 4 ~ 6mm, which mainly depends on the number of filter bags hanging in the filter room. In order to increase the rigidity of the flower plate, a reinforcing rib should be added on the flower plate. The appearance of the flower plate should be flat and smooth without warping or uneven unevenness. The flatness deviation should not be greater than 2/1000 of the flower plate length. Punching or plasma cutting shall be used for the processing of the hole of the flower plate, and gas cutting is not allowed. The tolerance of the aperture D of the filter plate flower plate fixed by the elastic expansion ring is plus or minus 1MM. The size of the flower plate, so the size of the pulse capsule dust collector system.

        The circular hole on the flower plate is used to fix the filter bag. The middle of the hole is too small, which will make the half wind speed in the dust collector (that is, the can speed at the mouth of the tank-the second can velocity) high, the resistance will increase, and it will be difficult to settle dust in the clear; It may be possible to make the dust filter bag relatively short, and the short filter bag is used, so the size of the middle of the filter bag must be reasonably determined.

        There are many reasons for the poor working efficiency of the single bag filter, such as the ash cleaning system is not well designed, and the operating rules are not followed. Any of these details may cause the single bag filter to have a poor dust removal effect. Therefore, enterprises should pay attention to the purchase and use of stand-alone bag filter.

        When purchasing a stand-alone bag filter, the enterprise should provide the actual conditions of the bag, such as the temperature of the flue gas, and the corrosiveness, to the bag filter manufacturer in detail. The dust collector used in different conditions has the structure and accessories used. There are differences. We can't just choose a set of unsuitable dust removal equipment just to pursue cost reduction. When the stand-alone bag filter is accepted, it must be tested in strict accordance with relevant standards, because the working effect of the stand-alone bag filter is also affected by the manufacturing process of some dust removal accessories, such as the quality of the accessories, the box and the ash bucket. Without suture, air leakage may occur and affect the dust removal effect.

        The stand-alone bag filter is a high-efficiency equipment for air pollution control. The great advantage is that the dust removal efficiency is high. In practice, its dust removal efficiency is high. The emission concentration can be controlled at 10 mg / m, and even below lms / 3. Because of these advantages, it has been widely used in many fields.

        Stand-alone bag filter for wet matters needing attention:

        1. Use dust-removing cloth bags with caution: Use smooth dust-removing cloth bags that are not easy to stick to the lake, such as smooth polyester filter 729, needle / thorn felt dust-removing cloth bags, etc.

        2. Short ash cleaning cycle: The short ash cleaning cycle is helpful for timely removing lime dust on the surface of the bag and reducing the possibility of adhesion.

        3. The lime powder bag filter is equipped with a safety / full bypass pipe: When the relative humidity of the air increases, the dust-laden air entering the dust removal system is easy to condense. In order to prevent water and gas from entering the single bag filter, the filter material should be Install the safety / full bypass pipeline, and avoid the bag type dust collector at this time, and let the dust-containing air only pass through the cyclone dust collector of level (1), and then be discharged into the atmosphere. The above can adopt automatic control.

        4. Low filtering wind speed: The high filtering wind speed will force the fine lime dust into the inner zigzag micropores to become clogged. When the blowback ash cleaning is not effective, it will stay in the bag for a long time to form a binder to block the filtering holes. The use of low filtering wind speed can avoid the above-mentioned disadvantages.

        5. Sufficient cleaning pressure and back-blowing pressure: The dust can be cleaned out by back blowing, and sufficient pressure is more conducive to cleaning the dust in the filter material.

        If during the use of a stand-alone bag filter, the dust removal effect suddenly fails to meet the standards, then you must check them one by one according to the following recommendations:

        1. Check if there are any broken bags, or the dust bag has reached the end of its useful life.

        2. Problems with the injection system (pulse valve, cylinder, electric control cabinet).

        3. Changes in flue gas conditions, such as increased moisture content in smoke, increased smoke volume, etc.

        4. When operating a stand-alone bag filter, follow the operating procedures provided by the supplier. Illegal operations may damage some accessories, resulting in unsatisfactory dust removal by the stand-alone bag filter.

        The stand-alone bag filter must have a good working effect, which is the result of a comprehensive action. In the production process, if no part of the link is paid attention to, it will affect the quality of the stand-alone bag filter.

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